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We understand that no single organization or sector can solve the country’s most intractable healthcare challenges. And thus, we at Surya proactively seek to build partnerships with public, private and nonprofit sectors that leverage the combined skills, assets, technologies and resources to deliver the impact we wish to see. From government agencies, large multinational corporations, universities, NGOs, foundations, to local businesses, and other donors- we are passionate about working with organizations of every size who share the vision of what we want to achieve together. Working together in such partnerships enable us to achieve more than we ever could working alone.

Building partnerships with Surya start with defining a shared vision of what we want to achieve together and then co-creating a plan to tap into the real strengths of different partners. At Surya, we believe the most effective partnerships are those in which risks, responsibilities, and rewards are shared equally. A partnership that addresses the core interests of all parties involved.

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